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Guarding Services

We pride in providing guarding services with a difference. We believe in the professional security not only ensuring the protection of the personal, property and preparatory information of the clients, but also delivering the services with a smile. This is ensured through meticulous selection, hard professional training, apt operational handling and foolproof supervision, round the clock. Our services are delivered through a motivated guard force, which is well cared and provided for. We believed in placing complete faith in ‘employee care’ that in turn cares about our clients.

We offer Guarding service for:

  • Office Security Service

We provide our clients with Office Security Services and guards for security of offices. Our ability to offer handpicked office security services tailored specifically to the needs of offices dealing with cash, visits and infrastructure facilities, enable us to provide appreciable services to the clients. Known for the dependability and responsibility, our guards are best to provide high level security.

  • Commercial Security Service

Our organization is renowned in offering a wide range of Commercial Security Services. These types of services are offered in terms of armed and unarmed for any individual and any event. For this, we also provide our clients with security professionals having sound experience in their respective domain. Along with this, we are also specialized in offering fire safety as well as private investigation services. We also provide commercial security service, both armed and unarmed, for any individual and any event. We also offer fire safety and private investigation services.

  • Industrial Security Service

With our expertise in this domain for many years, we have set benchmarks of our industrial security services. The manned security services are rendered by our well trained professionals, who are well versed with various aspects of security arrangement and tactics. They keep eagle’s eye on each & every parameter they are supposed to look after.

  • Bank Security Service

Security Force leads the market in the installation and maintenance of Security Systems for banks. Keeping in mind the requirements of banking industry in mind, we provide bank security services to our clients. These types of services include the services like cash-in-transit; cash pick up, secure vaulting, security couriers & manned security at the mortgaged properties taken into possession by Authorized officer under SARFAESI Act, 2002.

  • Personal Security Officer

With an in depth industry knowledge and associations with our clients, we now have a complete understanding of their security concerns and apprehensions. Thus, we are able to address all such concerns with our specialized services, providing them with skilled Personal Security Officers. These are specialized in offering services of personal security cover, private security guard services, private security services and private armed security as per the specifications of our clients. They may also cover private protection & security services in various events.

  • Detective & Investigation Services

Apart from the above mentioned Guarding services we also offer range of Undercover intelligence collection, Escorts/Body guards, Pre-post matrimonial verifications, pre post Employment verifications, Antecedents verifications, Divorce data collections, Private detective services and facility management.

  • Risk Analysis and Risk Management

Risk analysis and management our forte. We provide consultancy to our clients in corporate and industries on all aspects of risk analysis, risk management, loss prevention and handling of emergencies. We specialize in Security Surveys, Security Audits and reappraisal of security threats, on scientific lines. Our approach is to design security for the clients, ensuring its cost effectiveness through innovative methods and through integration of manned security with the systems interface.

  • Specialized Services

We believe in dynamic approach to total security solutions and continuous updating, not only in keeping with the trends in advanced societies, but also to make it more effective, economical and environment friendly with the country’s rapid march towards the status of a developed nation in all sectors of the economy, the demands for specialized security treatments are fast emerging. We not only keep pace with these but also pre-emptive way we position ourselves to address such needs. Some of the areas, which need such treatment, are the shopping malls, metro rail, airports, shipping and ports anti-hijacking operations, hospitality industry, special events, visits of senior corporate, film personalities and other VIPs, vehicle escorts and the like.


  • Security Marshals

Traditional methodology of purring up guards everywhere and anywhere should be giving way to more unobtrusive and efficient vigilance. One very effective options to adopt a system of positioning marshals at vital points who should preferably operate out of uniform and from locations which may give them better area scanning facility and ease of reaction, when required. They should be well educated with higher I.Q. so that they can ‘own the environment’ and act independently, in keeping with the situation. They should be trained in marshals arts so that they could successfully ward off difficult situations. However a find combination of aggression with coolness can be exercised. This concept will enhance the level of confidence the client will have in his security provider.

  • V.I.P. Events Division

Security is a genuine concern in events and requires resolute action whenever necessary. Thus, we provide Event Security Guards to our clients as per their requirements and the scale of the event. They are adept at performing the functions of manning the gates, securing entrances and exits, keeping a lookout for mischief-makers and taking prompt and appropriate action to a situation. A supervisor ensures that all these functions are being implemented and keeps a check on the team, resulting in an efficient management of the event. We provide all type of Bouncer and Security Guard for V.I.P. Events, clubs and Events.


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