Who We Are

Who we are

The strength of SIS SECURITY is honesty, integrity, devotion to duty and loyalty to the organization in which it deals. Our source of intake is primarily ex-servicemen, Para Military Personnel and well built energetic young Boys. Our security personnel are well trained and can communicate in Tamil, English and Hindi.

SIS SECURITY Registered office proximally located in Delhi.

We are lead by persons who have a splendid and varied experience in the field of security & the sciences related to it, our teams are also expert in investigations. We have a Manager for customer care and support who acts as liaison officer between us and our clients.

We have trained Field Officers who have been selected / promoted to security officers and are fully responsible for deployment, discipline and imparting training for security personnel.

The management of security operations are carried out through first, second and third echelon by Operation Manager and Field Officers effectively as the Security Bureau structure is well planned and organized

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